"I have used this company 4 times in the period of 12 months and I have other jobs lined up. I can confirm the owner of this company to be competent in his trade, highly efficient with his time, honest and reliable......" [Read More]


We can establish your lawn, select and plant the right plants for the soil conditions and your lifestyle.
If you working full time,raising family you might not have the time and energy to look after your garden.
Let us take care of that.

  • We can clear your section to give it a big makeover,or mulch your garden to preserve soil quality and help retain moisture.
  • We'll also maintain your lawn and garden to it's full potential.
  • Hedge trimming or small tree work contact us for a quote or advise.
  • We also take on regular or one of lawn mowing contracts in the Wellington-North suburbs.
  • We do handyman work such as water blasting or odd jobs around the house.